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If you’re thinking about booking them, don’t think about it. Just do it.
— Eric Hoyle, Heritage Ranch Booking Coordinator, Dallas, TX


A down-home girl with an uptown voice



A master of unusual instruments


Kubecca is the supercharged combo of a crazy-talented Polish multi-instrumentalist and his Broadway singing wife. Separately, they have been taking it to the stage all over the world and,
together, they are knocking it out of the park.
Impossible to describe in a few short words, this act and their show is a great evening of music and fun where you will leave feeling entertained like you haven't been in ages.
Come see. And you'll see.

Together, they are impossible to describe in a catchy tag that will fit in this ... 

What a marvelous evening. Rebecca and Kuba were wonderful. Two remarkably gifted musicians with personalities to match. If you have the opportunity to hear and see these two perform - do so! They leave you wanting more. From Broadway melodies to classical, they do it all, and in a way that is so intimate, it’s as though they’re talking to you personally. Their concert was over way too soon.
— Gene Miller, Des Moines Newspaper
What a wonderful show last night. In the seven years of The Heritage Ranch Concert Series, you have topped all previous performers. Comments by the audience after the show were enthusiastic. You kept this audience glued tho their seats for one hour and forty minutes. That’s a first.
— Paul Woods, Chairman HRCC, McKinney, TX
The most intriguing was Kuba and Rebecca Lowe — a Polish-born vibraphonist and his partner/ wife vocalist from Texas — whose combination of percussion talents (including the theremin — look that one up!) and powerful vocals were really pretty terrific.
— Cpilant, CruiseCritic.com

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