Rebecca Lowe and Kuba Kawnik met on Silversea Cruise’s Silver Whisper. While both were musical artists on the ship, their backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. Kuba came from Poland with a classical and jazz musical education and Rebecca was a Texan living in Los Angeles with a penchant for singing and acting in musical theater. Soon after returning from their time spent at sea, their friendship turned professional and a great partnership was born. With successful solo endeavors under both their belts, they decided to do the unthinkable: a variety show with country, jazz, show tunes and classical music. It could never work. But it did. Still performing their solo acts, their combo show has gone on to become a huge hit with audiences everywhere from performing arts venues in the U.S. to jazz clubs in Poland, let alone on many of the top cruise lines in the world. Their repertoire of diverse styles of music combined with their chemistry together onstage have been delighting audiences for years with no sign of letting up. Seldom performing the exact show twice, while constantly adding new material, has made them an act that is fun to follow as well as easy to count on to be an engaging show. Adding to their repertoire, they’ve made it personal by getting married and bringing a daughter “into the act”. Although she hasn’t yet joined them onstage, she certainly has added to the fun of what has become a somewhat unusual, yet intriguing partnership.


Born in Łódź, Poland, multi-instrumentalist Jakub “Kuba” Kawnik (pronounced “KOO-bah”) has been playing on different instruments since he was 5 years old. Although he is probably best known for his performance on vibraphone, using a specialized 4-mallet technique, he has also mastered the incredibly difficult theremin. In addition, he plays drums, marimba, percussion instruments, piano, guitar, violin, kalimba, flute and handsaw. Kuba’s live concerts are highly out of the ordinary and entertaining, taking the audience on an unpredictable journey, incorporating classical numbers as well as standards and the usual with some not-so-usual instruments. Audiences come away with the feeling that not only were they entertained and enlightened, but they also got to know and experience an up-and-coming gifted and unique talent.


Rebecca Lowe

If you love musicals and songs that tell as story, from a down-home girl with an uptown voice, Rebecca Lowe is not to be missed. On stage, she is best known for her roles in the musicals Evita and Jekyll & Hyde. As the youngest actress to perform the role of Eva Peron, Rebecca received standing ovations and critical acclaim throughout North America and Europe. She appeared in the title role of Lucy in the Los Angeles production of Jekyll & Hyde, receiving a Robby Award nomination. A regular headliner for various cruise lines throughout the world, she is known for her easy-to-get-to-know personality and strong, clear voice. Her concerts are sophisticated, engaging and entertaining, yet unpretentious, incorporating her Broadway background as well as popular & country music.

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